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In the fast paced world of software development there seems to emerge a new super heroic framework every other week. As a software development company you really have to make an effort to stay up to par with the latest innovations. At QDelft we do this by having our people attend lectures and conferences where there can pick up new and exciting trends in the software industry.

This year for the first time four of our developers will go to the Microsoft Build conference 2016 in San Francisco. I’m among the lucky ones who may attend. The conference agenda with sessions and events is not yet available, but Microsoft promises us that Build will be filled with strong technical sessions. Judging from previous years, Build has always had very interesting sessions primarily focused on developers.  Coming back from Build we expect to have hands on knowledge of new tools and technologies that we will share with our colleges at QDelft.

We will also bring this new knowledge to the projects we work on. More and more our programmers are asked to help our clients with choosing new tools and new strategies to stay ahead of their game. In today’s software development it is not enough for a developer to just build a good application. You need to know what is coming up ahead so you can advise and coach your clients in making the right decisions.

Getting tickets wasn’t as straight forward as we though it to be. The conference was sold out in under 10 minutes. We were just a few seconds too late but kept calm and joint the waiting list. In an attempt to favor our odds we wrote an email to Microsoft, stating that our company has a gold partnership and that attending build as a group of four is very important to us. Microsoft sympathized with our plea, but could not make any promises. Then one by one we received emails with the magic words you have been registered to attend Build.

Now we are making all the necessary arrangements like booking our flight, finding a place to sleep and getting our visa’s in order. As soon as the conference agenda is available we let you know what sessions catch out eye in a new post. 

Build waitlist

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